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 Forum Game Rules [Read Before Posting]

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PostSubject: Forum Game Rules [Read Before Posting]   February 4th 2013, 09:38

Follow + Read them.

Forum Games New Regulations:

"Post the 3rd post on the 40th page"
These are considered as spam simply because they're just there to raise pad count as well as offer the opportunity to spam.

“Person above/below you”
Very repetitive thus are classified as spam since it tends to pad post counts. SOME MAY BE OK. Clarify with a mod first. There MUST be a gaming aspect.

Make sure that your Roleplay is organized, coherent, and most of all - Original. Any Roleplays with too much spam shall be locked and deleted as well.
A. Please be careful on what images you use as your Character. There are some online images, which the artist of the picture politely asks for it not to be used without their permission/consult. If you want to use a picture that requires permission from the Artist, make sure to contact them before using their artwork. Not only that, but it's the polite thing to do.

Contests, Raffles, and Surveys.
Due to an increase in the amount of topics such as contests, raffles, and surveys, we are now limiting the amount of each type to one per person. This is to help with the organizational aspect of the forums. In order to create another topic, you must first notify a mod so that they can either lock or delete the original topic. You must also keep these types of topics in the Forum Games section. If you fail to do anything mentioned above, then two things will occur depending on if this is your first offense or not:
- First Offense: Warning.
- Second Offense: All contest/raffle/survey privileges will be suspended for a predetermined amount of time. This means that the mods will be keeping a list of any and all people who fail to put the topics in Forum Games or fail to pm a mod. Any contest/raffle/survey that the mods see will be locked.
- Any further offenses will result in an extended suspension of privileges.

If your game has a title such as “I’m bored so…”, “Click Here!”, or anything that is non-descriptive, then it will be locked. The reason being, if you are not going to put any effort in the title, then you probably didn’t put any effort in the content of the game. The title should reflect the game. Also, bored people make boring games. You can get your game unlocked by pm’ing a mod with a more appropriate title.

Happy Posting~

Prance Site Admin Prance

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Forum Game Rules [Read Before Posting]
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