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 General Forum Rules.

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules.   February 4th 2013, 09:34

As these forums have been set up on the foundation of the rules of the Ourworld Official Forums. The same rules WILL apply. This site has no connection to Ourworld and is NOT a part of it or any affiliate. PLEASE READ THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING. - Original Source

Ⅰ Good Rapport Policy
What can you do to help?
Before cracking down the regulations, I will first be explaining our “good rapport” policy. Having a good rapport is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. I repeat, highly recommended. Even though we have some users who believe it’s some sort of way that it’s doing our job as moderators, I assure you that it isn’t. As long as we watch each other on what we are doing and give proper warnings as well as valid reasons of why, then our developing problems inside our community won’t be much of an issue as it used to be.

How to warn someone without spamming:
If you find a user who is spamming purposely, then you have the given right to tell that user that she/he is spamming; regardless if an Admin/Mod is online or not. However, there is an extent to how that warning should be given. Such as, you are not permitted to flame the user in any way. There is a difference between, “Hey, you’re spamming by breaking the FRS/CoC” and “What the hell is wrong with you, [insert slur here]?”
You are also not permitted to give more than one overall warning. For example, if someone posted before you – then don’t post another warning UNLESS you are adding onto the person’s post. This also applies to giving them a warning on all of their topics that are categorized as spam. If anyone is found to be abusing these guidelines, then you are considered to be spamming as well – which can result to your account being blacklisted.

Pulling the “this person did the same thing” card:
It is extremely frustrating for Moderators whenever we get a PM of someone pulling that specific card. Seriously, it’s just plain out annoying; I even have a friend who moderates another game outside of oW and he finds this excuse irritating as well. And in some cases, there are moderators who could just ban that user without even negotiating with them or explaining to them of why their action was right. So no, it’s not favoritism at all. It’s nothing like that. And to put it short, it doesn’t matter if one’s punishment is different from another. Every moderator and admin has the right of performing their own individual action as discretion. We are not a group of unfair people; we are objective for we execute procedures of approving one another’s action before making it public.


Reformation Regulations

Ⅱ Index 1 – Spam:
Ꭺ. Sub Regulations Index 1.1 – Deleting Spam
• Forum Party Threads: Classified as spam regardless of what you’re doing.

• "Happy Birthday" Threads*: If you wish to commemorate your friend’s birthday, do so by sending him/her a comment on Live or through a PM’s on Forums.

• "I'm Leaving" Threads: We, the community, will be disappointed to hear you leaving but if you make a public announcement about it and then come back that officially makes your departure statement pretty pointless. It's highly aggravating not just for the Moderators, but also for regular forum users whenever this happens. So no! If you are intending to leave, be it temporarily or permanently, you may NOT post a topic about it. However, you may add such a notification into your signature.

• "I'm Back" Threads: If you are intending to go on an overseas trip or to camp and you won't be on for a period of time, please do not create a topic to announce it to everyone. This also applies to when you return from abroad/camp/etc. Again, if you want to add such a notification put it in your signature.

• Single-Out Threads/Posts: Classified as spam however, if the topic relates to any currency/scamming related context, then we’ll instantly lock the topic and clear the username out if necessary.

• Name Changing Threads: Classified as spam.

• “I want a Signature” Thread: All topics requesting for Signature(s) are prohibited unless the topic itself is a contest.
*Collective topics

Ᏼ. Sub Regulations Index 1.2 – Locking Spam
• Bumping Posts: These are classified as spam and will be deleted automatically only if we find the post unneeded. Posting updates that relates to topic is exceptional as well as once a day bumping. However, if we find a user making bumps within less than an hour of a previous another bump then topic will be locked along with an edited/posted warning by a Mod or Admin.

• Lack Initiative Threads: Reoccurring questions that have been answered multiple times gets annoying and quite messy. It’s even more annoying when that person hasn’t even bothered themselves to look for a similar topic with our forum search engine; we strongly encourage people to do research before posting. If not, we’ll lock the duplicated topic and link it to the original one.

• Similar Bug Threads: Again, considered as duplicates which are therefore spam. Like what I have said before, please research beforehand.

• Fight Insight: If we spot a fight within a thread that may lead to personal attacks, the topic will be immediately locked and investigated. It doesn’t matter between how many people because all will be blacklisted. In some cases, we may even have to result to requesting a forum ban. Again, as I said before, any moderator and admin who would be handling this similar case has the discretion to do what she/he believes is right.

• Improper Topic Titles: Inappropriate titles may be edited though; ridiculous titles that are seeking for obvious attention will be locked regardless of what it is about. So please, refrain from heading your thread as “look here,” “don't know what to put,” or “Hippos that can fly” as it can potentially mess up the forum search engine. It is essential that every topic have a proper name that best describes the intended discussion.

Staph it Don't break them ^

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General Forum Rules.
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