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 Author Positions Open!

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PostSubject: Author Positions Open!   March 16th 2013, 23:42

Yes yes, It's that time again where I thoroughly search through the applications for the author positions!

The system of becoming an author is very simple. Quite simple. Maybe even too simple clown

Anyways, first of all let's get all this nitty-gritty stuff out of the way.

The Requirements

1. Your grammar must be good. You can't use abbreviations for example --> Because --> B/c.
2. You must post accordingly. For example --> Posting pictures of Lady Gaga and doting on how you love her Blegh not allowed.
3. You can't get into fights on the site be it either on the chat or on the comments system.
4. ** If I see you copying from any blog. You will be removed faster than the speed of sound. I do not tolerate plagiarism.
5. If you become an author/higher rank. You are committed to this position. I'm not going to commit you to slavery. All I ask is the following
- If you need to "take a break" for exams etc. Please give me a weeks notice before doing so.
- If you don't want to blog any more, please inform me. Don't just go inactive.
- If you have any suggestions please share! No point in keeping them to yourself!
- Please don't disappear without notice. It's very difficult on me then because I do not know if you have quit or not.
And 6: Please have the ability to screenshot with the technology "Lightshot" it's the best screenshot tool Smile

Ok that sums that up. Now what's for offer.

1. Every so often you will be getting a thank you gift! As the site grows the size of the gift will also.
2. It's perfectly fine if you don't know how to get the new updates. I'll train you in, Although it would be in your favor to know.
3. You will have more power on these forums and if you get the position you will have what's called a "share" in the blog. Anything that is made ( money wise ) you will get a dividend of it ( a percentage according to your shares )
4. If you really put in the effort and seriously commit to the site. Then you will go from Author --> Editor/Moderator --> Admin.
( Yes the admin position is perfectly available if you dedicate yourself ) This gives you complete power on the site with no restrictions and as an admin of course you will be getting admin over the forums too.
5. A private moderator / admin / author / editor chat will be available to discuss the on-goings of the site. This is exclusive to the authors and up. We will maintain a strong bond yet I understand you have your own life therefore I rarely call on you. It's of your own free will. There are no chains. I just ask for no abuse of this.
6. As this site is functional and operational for an entire year now it's deemed as a "slight-profitable" yet still charitable organisation. Therefore this can benefit to you as "experience" as a web blogger and can be classified as experience for future careers!

And that's about it!
All I need you to send is the following on any site that I am on (:
- ( Just click the PM )
- The Ourworld Forums ( Neo Enigma )
- OurGemCodesForums ( Neo Enigma )

Just a PM or you can comment below! Whatever suits you.

Ourworld Name
Why you would like to be an author
What you can bring to the site
And what position you would like ( See below )

That's all Smile I'll be replying accordingly so it may take some time ! Smile

Positions available ~

Ourworld Fashion Police Poster:
Ever wanted to become an prestige member of the OWP Fashion police? This involves hunting down the latest trends in clothing and popular to exceedingly rare items being worn and setting a trends on Ourworld whilst giving advice. Note: Involves uploading/ screen shooting Ourworld-ers.

Ourworld's Mart Poster: Are you keen on the whole Idea of the Mole + Raven mart ? Then to be honest this is your position. If you love to stalk Mr. Mole's every Friday and hunt down the Midnight Raven every Wednesday. Here is your position!

Ourworld's Updater: Trained in the arts of getting the new updates? Then to be honest this is your position. There will be pklenty of positions available for this part of as this is quite a massive section to cover and sometimes you can miss out on updates from QA/Playtest. - Most Difficult position yet can stem your own blog from this! If you get picked for this I will further discuss this with you and go into detail on what is what. It's really basic once you have the explanation.

Ourworld's Gem Codes Poster: This is very straight forward. Just literally post the gem codes from every week! Nothing too tedious and the easiest thing to do!

Ourworld's Outfits Poster: Did a new box come out? Or a new monthly set? This can be linked in with the Ourworld Pro Fashionista. Really this is just a case of asking people will tehy feature on the blog then just taking a screen shot of their outfit with a few other. 2 - 4 males and females will do! Involves screenshots.

Ourworld's Game Review Poster: Do you absolutely LOVE to play ourworld games? Like are you actually one of those people who are locked away in POPCAP Arcade? Well here is your haven. All that's needed is a slight game review with a slight bit about the game. The concept and a personal rating out of 5 stars!

Ourworld's Kicking Condo Poster: Are you or do you know anyone who is the next LUBUKING of Ourworld? Why notget a screenshot of what they can do and post it to the OWP blog and get some kicking condos with some kicking parties. Remember though you must have permission to take the pictures!

More positions may or may not open up as the time goes on. This is a pretty big expansion. I hope you take advantage while you can ^^ There will be more information provided if you get picked. I will put emphasis on the saying of "First Come, First Serve" I hope the people reading and who intend on applying realize how I look forward to working with you ! Very Happy

~Happy Posting ! Very Happy Sheep Sheep Nyan Nyan

Prance Site Admin Prance

Prance Join OwPro Revolution! 3 - 5 Stars, Contact Neo Enimga, Lizany or Aoifa for a recruit ! Prance
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Author Positions Open!
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