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 Crews + Contest Rules (Read Before Posting)

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PostSubject: Crews + Contest Rules (Read Before Posting)    February 4th 2013, 10:26

Hey guys, just to nip-this-in-the-bud before it becomes an issue.
There are a few rules on this I'd like you to all go by.

Please read and go accordingly:

Only 1 topic per crew is allowed
Eg: If I post a promo for OwPro Revolution, I don't want to see Kerri posting one also. It'll be considered spam.
If you love your crew, bump the promotion topic with some VALID message.

Do NOT slander another crew (or create rant topics), This is considered hate speech and I wont tolerate this You will receive a 24 hour ban.
If you leave your crew ask a mod/admin to delete your topic so you can make a new one. We don't bite ღ 8-)


This can be serious; If you make a contest with a promised prize and you cannot afford to make the prize, you MUST compromise and provide an equivalent. This will result in a forever ban as it will seem to be scamming.

Please only have up to TWO contests open at a time. If you want another PM a mod / admin to lock it / delete it.

Happy Posting~

Prance Site Admin Prance

Prance Join OwPro Revolution! 3 - 5 Stars, Contact Neo Enimga, Lizany or Aoifa for a recruit ! Prance
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Crews + Contest Rules (Read Before Posting)
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